Video Lotteries: An Alternative To Online Casinos? No.

When it comes to it, Italy is a master at creating comprehensive laws that are capable of predicting every possible event, situation, infringement, crime. But it seems to us that sometimes we overdo it. We are referring to the new rules governing the introduction of video lotteries in our country, in practice slots and video poker from bars .

The regulations introduced certainly have the noble purpose of guaranteeing safety and protection for players, but they risk discouraging all operators who wish to install the machines on their premises. First of all, in the rooms that will host the video lottery, cameras must be present to ensure that no tampering occurs . The registrations will be deleted after 24 hours, unless requested by the judicial authority.

The machines will first be tested by Aams to ascertain their correct functioning and also the room that hosts them will have to pass a suitability test. The machines can be manipulated and opened through a 3-level safety system. A key will open the front of the car for minor repairs. A second key allows access to the container that collects the money and the third opens the heart of the system.

Perhaps it is too early to evaluate the impact of these rules on the spread of these machines, but honestly it is not clear to us what are the advantages offered compared to a good online casino . Honestly, the idea of ​​being filmed by a video camera, even if only temporarily, while playing a slot or video poker, does not excite me.

I prefer the tranquility and privacy of my home, I love the freedom to surf the net and choose the best online casino. On the contrary, I want to “claim” the possibility of receiving the bonuses that online casinos offer me.